Monday, December 4, 2017

Ozaka Yutaka - I love you - Japanese Song


I love you 

ima dake wa kanashii uta 
kikitakunai yo

I love you
nogare nogare tadori tsuita 
kono heya

nani mo ka mo yurusareta koi ja nai kara
futari wa maru de sute neko mitai
kono heya wa ochiba ni umoreta akibako mitai
da kara omae wa koneko no you na naki goe de

kishimu beddo no ue de 

yasashi sa wo mochi yori
kitsuku karada dakishime aeba
sore kara mata futari wa 
me wo tojiru yo
uta ni
ai ga shirakete 
shimawanu you ni

I love you 

waka sugiru futari no ai ni wa 
furerarenu himitsu ga aru
I love you 
ima no kurashi no naka de wa 
tadori tsukenai
hitotsu ni kasanari ikite yuku koi wo
yume mite kizutsuku dake no futari da yo
nando mo ai shiteru tte kiku omae wa
kono ai nashi de wa ikite sae yukenai to

kishimu beddo no ue de 

yasashi sa wo machi yori
kitsuku karada 
dakishime aeba
sore kara mata futari wa 
me wo tojiru yo
uta ni 
ai ga shirakete shimawanu you ni

sore kara mata futari wa me wo tojiru yo

uta ni 
ai ga shirakete 
shimawanu you ni

Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji

I love you 今だけは悲しい歌 聞きたくないよ
I love you 逃れ逃れ 辿り着いたこの部屋
何もかも許された 恋じゃないから
この部屋は落葉に埋もれた 空き箱みたい
だからおまえは 小猫の様な泣き声で

きしむベッドの上で 優しさを持ちより
きつく躰 抱きしめあえば
それからまた二人は 目を閉じるよ
悲しい歌に 愛がしらけてしまわぬ様に

I love you 若すぎる二人の愛には 触れられぬ秘密がある
I love you 今の暮しの中では 辿り着けない
ひとつに重なり 生きてゆく恋を
何度も愛してるって 聞くおまえは
この愛なしでは 生きてさえゆけないと

きしむベッドの上で 優しさを持ちより
きつく躰 抱きしめあえば
それからまた二人は 目を閉じるよ
悲しい歌に 愛がしらけてしまわぬ様に

それからまた二人は 目を閉じるよ
悲しい歌に 愛がしらけてしまわぬ様に


I love you
just for now, I don't want to listen to sad songs
I love you
escaping and escaping, we finally got to this room

This isn't a love where we were forgiven for everything 
so the two of us are like abandoned cats
This room is like an empty box, covered in fallen leaves
so you cry with a voice like a kitten's...

On this creaking bed, we bring tenderness 
hold each other tightly
and then the two close their eyes again
with a sad song, for this love not to fade

I love you
for the two who are too young,
there is an untouchable secret in their love
I love you
in our life right now, we can't arrive at it 

The love where we live in absolute unity as one 
we dream of it, but only to get hurt
you're asking "Do you love me?" over and over
saying you can't even go on living without this love...

On this creaking bed, we bring tenderness 
hold each other tightly
and then the two close their eyes again
with a sad song, for this love not to fade

and then the two close their eyes again
with a sad song, for this love not to fade


Eu amo-teEu não quero ouvir canções tristes neste momento
Eu fugi e fugi, e terminei neste quartoEste não é um amor em que fomos perdoados por tudoEntão nós dois somos como gatos abandonadosEste quarto é como uma caixa vazia coberta por folhas caídasPor isso choras como um gatinhoNesta cama rangente, nós trazemos ternuraE nos abraçamos fortementeEntão os dois fechamos os olhos novamenteCom uma canção triste, para que o amor não desapareçaEu amo-tehá um segredo que o nosso amor demasiado novo não pode ser alcançarEu amo-teNós agora estamos juntos numa tristeza profunda
Nós somos duas pessoas que sonham com um amor que sefunde em um e vive disso, e é exatamente por isso queambos se machucamVocê, que vive me perguntando se te amo, acha que nãopode viver sem esse amorQuando nós dois trazemos a tona o nosso amor sobreesta cama rangenteE nos abraçamos fortemente, um contra o corpo dooutroEntão nós iremos fechar os nosso olhos novamenteEsse será o nosso amor que não enfraquece na tristecançãoEntão nós iremos fechar os nosso olhos novamenteEsse será o nosso amor que não enfraquece na triste canção 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Zombie amigurumi crochet friend

Still sorting through my crochet Halloween stuff, I want to present you the all year around friend, Zack, the Zombie.
He is really big, an has been very helpful as a pillow, or as throwing object(s) as his arm and leg detach from the body and are very good to aim at other people in the room.
His intestines also fall out of his belly trough a pocket on his pants. Kind of weird, because the intestines can look like also other exterior private parts. I should have placed the pocket more far out to the side, ooops. My bad.
I have a really crappy mobile picture of him sitting on his very very old couch:

If you liked him and love amigurumi and crochet, you can find my ravelry project page here where I have several pictures of the progress.
The creator of the zombie crochet pattern is Tara Frost, and the pattern can be found here.

Halloween Crochet Amigurumi Pumpkin

I was searching through last year's Halloween projects, and just found these quick and fun amigurumi pumpkins.
They were decorating my home during the season, and were loved all around the year by both children and adults. Who can resist them?
These also remind me that I started to feel very sick and was in a lot of pain when making these, and spent a lot of time in the hospital during the months after, but for now that time is gone. These little creatures and crochet helped a lot through those hard days. Thank you :)
Pumpkins amigurumi crochet toy
© Photographer: Celia Ascenso | Agency: 

Pumpkins amigurumi crochet toys
© Photographer: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

You can find the my project page here (can only be accessed with a free ravelry account). On the project page I explain the mods I accidentally made to create the little pumpkin from the big pumpkin instructions.
The original pattern is a creation by Lori Fox, and you can find it here.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Witch hat Halloween silhouette shape game

Find the similar silhouette of the witch hat. Circle the differences. Paint the ribbon, moons and stars the correct color.

Encontra a silhueta similar ao chapéu da bruxa. Faz um círculo nas diferenças das outras silhuetas. Pinta a Fita, luas e estrelas da cor correta.
Witch hat silhouette shape game
© Illustration: Celia Maria Ribeiro Ascenso | Agency:


Answer: The similar hat shape is on the bottom left.
Differences on the left: 1st hat has blue ribbon inverted (larger on thiner side).
Differences on the right: 1st hat has 2 moons instead of 3 moons on hat's pattern. One moon is now a star. 2nd hat has a moon on the tip of the hat.

Resposta: A silueta similar está no fundo, à esquerda.
Diferenças à esquerda: 1º chapéu tem a fita azul invertida.
Diferenças à direita: 1º chapéu tem 2 Luas ao invés de 3 Luas no padrão do chapéu. Uma Lua é agora uma estrela. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Devlog - creating a game with Game Maker - Fish Scales

Fish Scales Game playable now!

I am participating in The Optical Jam #2. The idea is to create a game based on the image provided for the week #2. It looked like a fish blinking an eye.

Day 1 - My idea is to have a fish with different scales on the body. Each scale has a pair.

We remove the scales finding the matching pair.
We win the game after matching all scales. We will have a spine on its place.
Possible names:

  • Fish Scales
  • Eat the Fish
  • Another better name than those 2. They are not yet perfect.
Expansion Idea for after the jam: 
-Dress the fish: the scales are placed on the spine according to a logical sequence or puzzle matching type.

Day 2-3-4 - After spending some time making some preps for the art, spent 3 days thinking how to implement the idea in code. As I am a  beginner, I decided to use the maximum drag and drop functions on game maker, and as little hard coding as possible. Little steps, baby steps.
On day 4 found the best solution for making two equal scales disappear. Next.

Day 5 - Preparing all the little sprite scales, eye, spine, and little elements.

Note to self, for later, as there is no time to incorporate now:

  • Add a blinking eye
  • Make bubbly sounds when clicking the mouth.
  • Background swinging waves
  • Change the game to one button switch to make it playable for disabled people. Ex: button click, change scale. Wait on scale, select scale.
  • Add different sounds to the scales to make it playable for eye blind people.

Day 6 - Creating all the game mechanics on Game Maker using drag and drop only.

Added some basic sounds to select action, just in time for uploading to optical game jam.

Important things missing: The end of game effects.

Others: sounds, animation effects, info. HTML5 Verison.

After Jam considerations:

I like to make colorful things, so this goal was achieved.

I also improved my Game Maker drag and drop skills.

-The UI and The End are missing.

-The sounds for each scale are missing.

-Clickable effects like bubbles coming out of the fish, and eye closing are missing.

-Needs a better background.

-The scales do not go back to its original place when not matched, need to fix that, maybe assigning a profundity level for each of them (on Game Maker). Not sure if it is possible, as each pair is an instance of the same object, and the levels are placed on the object.

-Need to add an escape button to exit game.

-Need to add info.

-I need to make an alternate one button control for disabled persons:

  • Clicking the button will make it select another scale, waiting will select current scale.
  • When scale is selected, just keep clicking until matching scale is selected and wait.
  • Both will disappear.

-I need to make also alternated keyboard control for blind persons.

  • Scales can not be seen, but each one has a random key (QWERTY and so on) assigned to them with corresponding sound.
  • When sounds selected are matching, they disappear (having silence or another sound on its place.)
  • When sounds selected are not matching, they make a Fail sound.

Art based on my original card design:

Fish with thought bubble greeting card
© Illustration: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Lonely Girl Game

"A Lonely Girl" game finished :)

This was my first game developed for Rainbow Jam 2017, it took me 12 days to make, just finished before the deadline.
You can find it here:

If you are playing in browser instead of downloading it, please zoom de browser to 33% because I could not quite figure out how to do proper scaling on HTML5.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bubbly Sea Pink Fish Labyrinth

Help the fish swim and find his way through the bubbles to reach the algae.

Bubbly Sea Labyrinth
© Photographer: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

Ajuda o peixe a nadar e encontrar o caminho através das bolhas para chegar às algas.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rabbits and Carrot Maze Labyrinth

Find out which one of the rabbits has found the carrot.
Which ones are meeting each other?
Which one is going away?

Rabbits and Carrot Maze Labyrinth
© Maze: Celia Ascenso | Agency: 

Descobre qual foi o coelho que encontrou a cenoura.
Quais se encontraram um ao outro?
Qual se vai embora?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Snowman Maze

Help the snowman to find the way to the gift.
Can you help him go through the maze?

Snowman Gift Labyrinth Maze
© Maze: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

Ajuda o boneco de neve a encontrar o caminho para o presente.
Podes ajudá-lo a atravessar o labirinto?

Game Maker - clicking each and all objects to advance

I needed all of the images on my book-game "Lonely Girl" to be clicked a least once in order do advance to the next page.
Being such a newbie at coding it, I figured out a solution using only click and drag programming features on Game Maker.

I created an object control named obj_count with an event setting lives to 5 (3 in my test project):

The Set lives action number is absolute, do not check relative:

Then I added the event No More Lives to print on the screen an arrow that enables us to go to the next pages. This obj_arrow is only created if lives go down to zero:

Then placed this control object on the room (it is not set to visible and it has no sprite).

To make lives go down only once per object clicked, I created a variable that prevents that clicking the same object more than once would decrease lives multiple times.

Added a Create Event and set a variable unique to that object, in this case var_bola:

then set the value to absolute 1:

Created an Event Left Mouse Release, (i have chosen release because left mouse pressed is counted multiple times depending on how much time we press the button - this way I am sure it count only one click).

Added a test variable event, indicating that, if the variable var_bola is greater than zero, it should decrease it by 1 (set variable var_bola to -1), decrease lives by 1 (set lives relative to -1) and change the sprite in some way (this step is not needed - this is just a game effect).

This time we need to check the lives to relative -1 so it decreases on the absolute number of lives:

We need to do also the same to the Variable var_bola, check the relative box:

This way, as any object is clicked, if his value is greater than 0, it decreases its value and decreases the live. If it zero, it does nothing (not decreasing lives either). This way, the object obj_arrow needed to advance to the next room is only created after clicking all the object I wish to be clicked.
Take note that the absolute number of lives is always equal to the number of object to be clicked.

Friday, August 25, 2017

DevLog - Creating a Game - Lonely Girl

I decided to gamify a small book that my younger children and I created some time ago (find it here), and learn to make a game in the process, using Game Maker. The book-game is about a lonely girl and the importance of little random acts of friendship.

In addition, I needed a time frame, or I would never finish it, because I have a hard time finishing things. I decided to enter the Rainbow Jam 2017, even if I just discovered it, and never heard of game jams before (only music jams, where we improvise). I feel this jam is perfect because it has rainbows in it and a positive energy :)  - and, more important, the celebration of diversity.

When ready it will be published on

Level 2 looks like this image:

Eye with tear drops and heart

© Illustration: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

[DevLog] Lonely Girl

Day 1 - Preparing basic sprites, and the first room object placement on GameMaker while learning some basis.

Day 2 - Creating sounds to assign to objects, learning how to create/edit the sounds on Audacity, and then importing them in to the game.

Day 3 - Struggling with paths for an entire morning to make a river move. Fining how to stop sound and prevent river to fall off screen. Start to think if I should use a language system for the text, but for the jam, I think I'll left it out, too much to work on yet.

Day 4 - Creating room 2, more sounds, and implementing a game/logic thing. Starting to worry about time and how little I know about programming. --> Decision: stick to the basics
Managed also to add  room 3 and double face river asset, still  5 rooms to go (8 rooms/pages). Only images and sounds created for those.

Day 5 - created all 8 rooms, need to create only some more sprites (hands, cookie, rainbow).  Note to self ---> create cookie and rainbow souds, like hummm and tlingtling.

Still needing to solve the problem about printing text and allowing to move to the next page only after some events performed on the current room.

Day's 6-7-8 - Trying to figure out a chunk o f code :P - It sucks to be stuck on a bit that seems so simple to solve, but yet, not working.

Day 8 upgrade - Solved the problem on a side test, trying to integrate it in the game without messing up all pages.

Day 9 - After hours trying to integrate the successful test, Room 1 is finished! Hooray! - Added text and arrow to go to the next room.

Work on other rooms/pages advanced a bit further.

Finished Room 2.

Day 10 - Working on text and other room mechanics.

Room 3 finished! 5 more to go.

Day 11 - got up early to finish the game because I am going away for 2 days,  but got stuck on the code for one if the last rooms. Solved it, but still, I am 2 rooms from the ende. Will try to finish them tomorrow, 2 hours before the submissions end, it does not matter how buggy they appear or if they are only still rooms, because they matter to finish the story/game. 

Not sure if I can add a welcome room before the game (with game start and basic rules) but it does not matter because the game is a intuitive discover-as-you-go. 

Day 12 - Dying here on vacation, just want to get back hime quickly, get work done with family and home stuff, and get back to those last levels to upload game on time. 

I really have a hard time with deadlines and getting projects finished! 

Day 12 - 12 minutes before midnight - Was able to finish it and upload it on time. Had to forget the giggles, the rainbow and the cookie sound for the moment.

Struggling now to upload a HTML version that fits the browser. Also asking for volunteers to test an IOS version.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Game simian.interface - Jogo

I love strange games, and will talk about some games I come across that will fit strange taste people like me.

Simian.interface is a game with an amazing retro-feel puzzle for those who like spatial pattern recognition puzzles. You can play the flash original version for free here.
You'll feel like a simian, guaranteed!
The infinite mode is awesome, play it only when you have time. Prepare a full night just to do it. It is infinite, after all! It is the Simian.interface++ version, and you can buy it from the developer or Steam.
Also great for quick achievements, if you play it on Steam.

Seamless square abstract geometric pattern
© Image: Celiaak | Agency:
This image does not belong to the game, is for illustration purpose only.
 A imagem não pertence ao jogo, serve só para ilustrar o tipo de jogo.


Adoro jogos estranhos, e irei falar de alguns jogos com os quais me cruzo e que servem para pessoas com gostos estranhos como eu.

Simian.interface é um jogo que deixa uma sensação retro muito boa, para aqueles que gostam de puzzles de reconhecimento espacial e padrões.
A versão original gratuita pode ser jogada aqui.
Vais-te sentir como um símio, garantidamente!
O modo infinito é muito bom, mas joga-o apenas quando tiveres tempo. Prepara uma noite inteirinha para o jogar. Afinal de contas, é infinito! É a versão Simian.interface++, o podes comprá-la ao desenvolvedor ou no Steam.
É também muito bom para proezas rápidas se o jogares no Steam.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Le tout nouveau testament - The Brand New Testament - Movie

If you have a taste for strange, different kind of humor, then The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament) is for you.
God lives in Brussels with his wife and 10 years old daughter, in an apartment without windows or doors. He is a bad husband and father, and spend his time having fun with his human and nature creations, creating laws bothering humans and all kinds of disasters.
One day his daughter has access to his computer...

It is a comedy where you have dense characters, and no one laughs, only you. You will find connection between all little elements and actions of the movie, and that is geniously amazing!


Le tout nouveau testament - The Brand New Testament
Director: Jaco Van Dormae
Se tens um gosto especial por um tipo de humor estranho e diferente,  então Deus existe e vive em Bruxelas (Le tout nouveau testament) é para ti.
Deus vive em Bruxelas com a sua esposa e a filha de 10 anos, num apartamento sem janelas e portas. Ele é um péssimo marido e pai, e passa o seu tempo a divertir-se com as suas criações humanas e da natureza, inventando leis que chateiam os humanos e todo o tipo de desastres.
Um dia a sua filha tem acesso ao seu computador...

É uma comédia em que se encotram personagens com bastante densidade emocional, em que ninguém se ri, apenas tu. Podemos encontrar ligação em todos os pequenos elementos e ações do filme, o que faz com que o filme seja genialmente espantoso.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dice variations in blender

Starting from a very easy and quick blender die (dice) modeling tutorial, I tried some variations using lights and different focus points, but it was still a very shy approach to focus-defocus using blender, I'm better using ot with a DSLR camera.
The dice tutorial I followed was made by Azenquor here on youtube.

O also experimented with fur and dice, using hair particles and tweaking some variables, using as learning base this furry bear tutorial made by one of my favourite tutorial creator, tutor4u.

Furry Pink Dice rolling
© Image: Celiaak | Agency:  

Rolling Dice pair red background
© Image: Celiaak | Agency:
Dice rolling green background
© Image: Celiaak | Agency: 

A partir de um tutorial muito fácil para modelar um dado em blender, experimentei algumas variações de luz e pontos de focagem, mas ainda assim foi uma muito tímida abordagem à focagem-desfocagem em blender, para mim ainda é mais fácil fazê-lo a partir de uma camera DSLR.

O tutorial de dado que segui foi feito por Azenquor e está no youtube.

Experimentei também com os dados e pelo, usando as partículas de cabelo e mudando algumas variáveis. Usei como base de aprendizagem este tutorial de urso de peluche feito por um dos meus criadores de tutoriais favoritos, tutor4u.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lollipops in Blender

Found this blender candy material tutorial here at mclelun website, between other interesting tutorials.
I tried it but used it on an open space, just the way I like it, to make greeting cards, party invitations or just serene illustrations to relax the eye on it.
Next, I will try to apply the material to different shapes and maybe an animation in blender. It really looks like those pairs of lollipops are friends walking along.
Here is the result of the first 2 experiments:

Candy Lollipops Invitation Card
© Image: Celia Ascenso | Agency:

Candy Lollilpops Greeting Card
© Image: Celia Ascenso | Agency:  

Encontrei este tutorial blender com um material de chupa-chupa aqui em mclelun, entre outros tutoriais interessantes.
Experimenti, mas coloquei os chupa-chupas num espaço aberto, como gosto, para usar como cartões de boas festas, convites ou simplesmente ilustrações mais serenas, onde podemos relaxar os olhos.
Acima está o resultado das duas primeiras experiências.
A seguir vou aplicar o material em formas diferentes, e talvez fazer uma animação com o blender. Parecem mesmo que os pares de chupa-chupas são amigos a caminhar lado a lado.