Thursday, October 16, 2014

My First 3D Image - Coffee Cups

For some time I have been aspiring to learn to make images and animations in 3D program Blender, but ventured only in basic shapes and understandig the very basics of the very basic. I even made short animations, but my PC is too slow to render it at a reasonable quality.
This week I persisted, and created my first (and from my point of view, successfull) image. It is a couple of two simple antique yellow cups with a deep blue background and only a bit of light casting over them.
I wanted to create an images that is an invitation to a cup of tea or coffee, in a serene, peaceful, quiet place. This is what I came up with:

Coffee tea cups
© Illustration: Celiaak | Agency:
Now I'm dreaming further and have these otrher images dancing in my head.
I'm willing to learn more and more just to be able to get them out in to the world.
I'm glad I persisted and that I could find and start to learn Blender. It is my new love.