Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dice variations in blender

Starting from a very easy and quick blender die (dice) modeling tutorial, I tried some variations using lights and different focus points, but it was still a very shy approach to focus-defocus using blender, I'm better using ot with a DSLR camera.
The dice tutorial I followed was made by Azenquor here on youtube.

O also experimented with fur and dice, using hair particles and tweaking some variables, using as learning base this furry bear tutorial made by one of my favourite tutorial creator, tutor4u.

Furry Pink Dice rolling
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Rolling Dice pair red background
© Image: Celiaak | Agency:
Dice rolling green background
© Image: Celiaak | Agency: 

A partir de um tutorial muito fácil para modelar um dado em blender, experimentei algumas variações de luz e pontos de focagem, mas ainda assim foi uma muito tímida abordagem à focagem-desfocagem em blender, para mim ainda é mais fácil fazê-lo a partir de uma camera DSLR.

O tutorial de dado que segui foi feito por Azenquor e está no youtube.

Experimentei também com os dados e pelo, usando as partículas de cabelo e mudando algumas variáveis. Usei como base de aprendizagem este tutorial de urso de peluche feito por um dos meus criadores de tutoriais favoritos, tutor4u.



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  2. HI Celia - so I bought this woven basket looking thing at the thrift store (Canada) today because it was just so cool looking - but I couldn't figure out what it's purpose was - a bench or stool? I have been searching everywhere and asking everyone what they think it is. The only thing I can find on line is a photo you took and it looks exactly like the top of the item I bought! I am so curious if you have more info - I wish I could attach a photo here of what my stool looks like - can you email me or send me an address so I can send you the picture? I would love to know where you found it when you photographed it!

  3. hi, sure, I'm sendig you my e-mil so you can send me a picture, but if you are talking about a woven in blue and beije, mine is a huge bench I have found on a cafe. It is suposed to be a descontraction bench.